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Labour market policies that are regionally differentiated were firmly anchored in the Job AQTIV Act of January 2002. As a result of this, the Federal Employment Agency developed a new management model that endowed local actors with more authority and responsibility. Hence, substantiated scientific findings that provide information on the way regional labour markets work and on specific regional factors have become all the more important as a basis for decisions to be made by the Regional Directorates and the individual offices of the Federal Employment Agency.

IAB reacted to these new requirements and to the decentralised structure of the Federal Employment Agency by setting up the Regional Research Network that is coordinated from Nuremberg. The ten regional offices at the Regional Directorates work closely together as a network whose threads meet at the Regional Office located within the Research Department "Regional Labour Markets". Together with the latter department, the IAB Regional Research Network examines the structures of and developments in regional labour markets along with questions of regional mobility. In addition, the impacts of regional labour market policies and structural policies on regional developments are also analysed.

The concept of the Regional Research Network is based on the principle of research "in and for the Regional Directorates". One outcome of this is the task of producing scientific in-depth analyses with high levels of practical relevance for the Regional Directorates; another is that all regional units are without exception engaged in work on the comparative analysis of regional labour markets: investigating the mobility of trainees or long-term employment development in the "VALA Project", or on the comparative analysis of the labour markets of the Länder (Federal States).

The Regional Research Network is unique in the German research environment on account of its decentralised structure, close cross-linkages and appropriate staffing levels.

Regional IAB Offices:
IAB Baden-Württemberg
IAB Bavaria
IAB Berlin-Brandenburg
IAB Hessen
IAB Lower Saxony-Bremen
IAB Northern Germany
IAB North Rhine-Westphalia
IAB Rhineland-Palatinate-Saarland
IAB Saxony
IAB Saxony-Anhalt-Thuringia



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